Someone's Nicked My Knickers

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Someone's Nicked My Knickers

Wacky performance poet Gez Walsh has done it again. But, fortunately, no one was watching him at the time... Meanwhile, heís written this book. Oh, and itís full of poems and stuff, as per usual. Following on from the phenomenal success of The Spot on My Bum and The Return of The Spot in the Potty Poets series here is yet another collection of horrible poems for yet more horrible children.

Those who know Gez and his work wonít need any introduction to his verses. The subject matter has usually been suggested to Gez by kids up and down the country at the many schools heís visited. Or, even worse, he thought it up himself! You might remember him being at your school: he was the tall gangly one who got the teachers up dancing then recited a poem about farts.

So, whatís this book all about? Well, within these hallowed pages you will find old age travellers, Ninja grannies, a lion called Dave, and a cat called Henry, Victor the Viking and Cilla the Gorilla. Not to mention the usual scoops of poop and weighty speculations on whether teachers are aliens.

If you are one of Gezís many fans, youíve probably given up reading this drivel on the back cover by now and are already flicking through the poems. Now youíre laughing, and the shop assistantís giving you a funny look: go and give her the money and you get to keep the book, for ever if you want. Sounds like a good deal to me. If youíre not a Gez Walsh fan yet, where have you been?

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