The Meeting Room

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The Meeting RoomJack has a problem. He’s in a room with five weird people. Seriously weird. One’s a beautiful young girl, one’s an accountant, one’s a professor, one’s a Rambo lookalike, a psychotic mercenary, armed with various guns, knives and grenades,and then there’s Catherine, who wears a food-smeared nightie and eats cakes without bothering to cut them into slices first. And they are all in his mind. Or so he thinks, as he lies in his hospital bed in a coma. Where they came from, how he created them, is a mystery, as is how he came to be hovering between life and death in the first place. Then something really odd starts to happen. First, it seems that these people might actually be real in some way, and not just figments of his imagination after all, even though he’s full of enough drugs to kill an elephant, and hooked up to what looks like half the life-support equipment off Holby City.

He starts talking to them, and, more alarmingly, they start talking back, telling him things about himself that he’d forgotten, and helping him piece together the scary, terrifying story of how he came to be in a coma, in hospital, guarded by a policeman at his bedside.
The more pieces of the jigsaw he slots into place, the more he realises that his friends on the"outside” are still in deadly danger. He must do something, but the only allies he can call upon to help him are stuck in exactly the same state as he is – the other inhabitants of "The Meeting Room”!

This first book in Gez Walsh’s
Twisted Minds series is at times funny, gripping, scary and sad;a thought-provoking, un-put-downable tale that rattles along at a terrific pace, towards an unexpected conclusion.
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