The Monkey's Fart

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The Monkey's Fart

Sometimes irreverent, always funny, The Monkey’s Fart is a serious attempt to interest children in poetry and reading.

If you love reading, then you’ll love this book. If you don’t like reading, are a reluctant reader, or dyslexic, then this book is still for you.

Meet Mr Grump, Lembit the Lion, The Big Galoopha, Jibbering Jim, Polly Polynesia, and a host of other crazy characters. Also features the hilarious short story; Be Careful What You Wolf For. The Monkey’s Fart is a must for anyone who loves wacky poems and stories.

There is even a chapter at the end to help you create your own wacky or nonsense poems. The Monkey’s Fart is a must for all children, parents and grandparents looking for an unusual read.

Ideal for teachers seeking to interest children in reading and whet their appetite for poetry.